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Transfer a Webinar License


If I transfer a webinar license to another user on our account, what happens to previous webinars or other historical data on the previous user's account? 


Thanks in advance...


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi dpoulo,


If you transfer the webinar license to another user on the account, the previous user will not have any access to their upcoming or previous webinars, including reports. This will not affect any cloud recordings. If you re-assign the license to the previous user, then the upcoming/previous webinars are restored for that user.

Please note the account owner/administrator will still be able to access reports & recordings.


Hope this helps!

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This is also helpful to me. Thank you. Another question on this topic -- if I am taking registrations through zoom for a webinar a few months out and then I transfer my license to a colleague for a webinar for a couple of weeks, will the registration page on my original webinar still work? 


I need to transfer my webinar license to another user and also need to transfer the webinar recording.  How do I do that?


Was this resolved?
I too have an employee going on leave for a few months and I want to transfer the webinars to another member WITHOUT losing any history -old and new meeting's data.
Will I lose anything if I transfer the webinar license to another user?



I would love to know the solution. My co-worker just returned from maternity leave. I setup three webinars in her absence. When I move the webinar license to her, she cannot see the webinars I setup. How can I give her access? I am not the account owner but she and I are account admins.