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The record of the Webinar is different from the online event


My panelists appeared on screen with their real names during the webinar but they all have the same name on the record. How can it be possible and what could I do?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Delp.


I'm guessing that someone sent the same panelist link to all the panelists, and then changed their names during the webinar to their own name.  The video creation software grabs the first name attached to a person and uses that for the Display Name, and since it's likely that they all came in from the same panelist link, that one person's name was used for all of them.


Your only recourse, really, is to ask someone to edit your video files in something like Adobe Premiere Pro and overlay the names or simply blank them out.


And next time you have a webinar, put all the panelists in the panelist list separately and ask them all to use the link Zoom sends them to join the Webinar.

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