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The NEW Zoom Production Studio is here!

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen



This looks intriguing, and combined with Backstage should make it much easier to create a better looking experience for virtual-only events. But...what about hybrid events that need to integrate multiple cameras in the room with the online panelists? Because (as far as I can tell) Zoom can only accept one camera feed at a time on my computer, I'm currently using an external switcher (OBS, Blackmagic ATEM, etc...) to switch between the multiple cameras in the room, or create side-by-side scenes, and send that into Zoom as a virtual camera or virtual webcam. Are there plans to allow multiple cameras connected to the computer to appear as separate "sources" in the Zoom Production Studio for true hybrid multi-cam scene creation combining online panelists with various camera angles in the room?

This would be fantastic. At present I am either using a Blackmagic hardware switcher to handle multiple cameras, or eCamm Live to do it in software. I would be VERY pleased if Zoom Production Studio did the switching / layouts for multiple local sources too.