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Spotlight Feature is Spotlighting the Wrong Person


Okay, I'm not sure if this is a user error but we are stumped.


In our Practice Session for an upcoming webinar we had just the Host and one Co-Host in the Practice Session. Each on their own separate Zoom accounts and on separate devices of course.


We want the Host to Spotlight themselves so that all the attendees should only ever see the Host only. So we were practicing to see how the Spotlight feature works.


We found that when the Host chose to Spotlight themselves, Zoom would correctly spotlight them (the Host) on their own computer, but on the Co-Host's computer it was spotlighting the Co-Host, not the Host. The Co-Host would get a message that said  "The Host has spotlighted your video for everyone. Would you like to unmute your microphone to speak?" But this wasn't true. The Host was most assuredly NOT spotlighting the Co-Host. The Host was spotlighting themselves only. 


We experimented to see what would happen if the Host would choose to spotlight either themselves or the Co-Host, but whichever option they chose it would only spotlight the Co-Host and would always give the Co-Host that same message.


Here are screenshots to illustrate. First, this is a screenshot from the Host's computer. Note: the Host name is "Ainslie MacLeod's Soul World" and has their video on. They clicked on the 3 dots on the upper right of the Host's video box and clicked "Spotlight for Everyone"



Next, here is a screenshot from the Co-Host's computer (note: the Co-Host name is "Heidi (Moderator)" and has video off). This shows what the Co-Host saw right when the Host chose to spotlight their own (the Host's) video:




The Co-Host clicked "Later" as they didn't want to unmute themselves and from their computer it shows that they are now spotlighted, see screenshot from Co-Host's computer:



But from the Host's computer it shows that they (the Host) are spotlighted, as it should be since they spotlighted themselves, see screenshot:




Why is it spotlighting the Co-Host (on the Co-Host's computer) when the Host chooses to only spotlight themselves? Is there something we're misunderstanding about how the Spotlight feature works? 


Thanks in advance for any insight!









Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi! Thanks for the screenshots, they're very helpful! Looking at the screenshots from Heidi's POV, it appears they may be joining the webinar from the web client as opposed to the desktop client. Can you try getting them to join the webinar/practice session from the desktop client instead? It can be downloaded from That could be impacting the spotlight feature for them. 

Looks like Ainslie (Host)'s view is from the desktop client. 

Let me know if that helps or there are any other questions!