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Sharing: 1 person shares audio (music during intro) while another shares their screen (welcome slide


I understand that two people can share their screen simultaneously in a Zoom Meeting. But my question is whether it's possible for 1 person to share the audio, while the second person shares their screen. The situation is that one person needs to be sharing the Spotify music at the start while learners are logging in, but we also need the second person who will actually be presenting to be able to have their slides showing - specifically the welcome slide also while people are joining. Is this possible? Thank you!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @RachelleC, I am sorry I missed your post! The presenter can share both their computer sound and screen or the person in charge of music can just share their computer sound. Here's the link to the support article that goes over both options: Sharing computer sound in a screen share  


Zoom Community Team

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Hi Carla,


I know one person can share both music and slides, however, is it possible for Co-host A share slides while Co-host B shares music? We are in two different locations. Co-host A wants to run the slides from their laptop in Ireland while Co-host B shares music from their laptop in Canada.

It’s a bit unclear whether or not this can be done via sharing multiple screens. And to clarify, only one person is sharing slides while the second person is only sharing audio and we want attendees to both see the slides shared by Co-host A AND hear the music being played by Co-host B at the same time. Thanks!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Jorene , after checking with Zoom experts, currently it is not possible for one person to only share audio while the other person shares the screen. I think this would be a really neat feature and would love it if you could request it via