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Separating audio from audience and presenters


We're looking at using webinars to host live shows, and ideally need the performers to hear the audience members responding, but not have the audience directly hear each other - with the zoom meeting approach, the "loudest voice wins" model messes with the performance too much. Having all audience members muted means the performers are performing into the void, which is very disconcerting.


Ideally we'll be mixing the audience audio, softening the volume, and feeding it back with the performer audio to produce the sound of an audience for the attendees.


Is this even possible?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @WouldBeHost 


What you want to do is certainly achievable, but it does take some Production - and more than just one instance of Zoom.


This sort of thing is often discussed in an external community that I am also a part of, called "Office Hours". You are welcome to stop-by there any ask the same question, or just glean some of the other discussion that goes on - which I'm sure could help you.


Office Hours is daily Webinar on Zoom. You can submit questions to the panel live during the session.


Anyone else reading this is also welcome.





A back-catalog of Office Hours discussions can be found here:

There's lots of valuable content there - about all kinds of related topics for what you want to do. 


DM me if you'd like to talk offline. Maybe I can offer some more detail.


Events like what your describing have certainly been done, very successfully - with some work!








Thanks @Rupert!


I'm trawling my way through the questions list on the youtube back catalogue, but haven't found what I'm looking for yet. Lots of great discussion points there though.


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