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Salesforce Integration Not Syncing Registrants from the URL


Hello. I added the Zoom for Salesforce integration to our CRM and am finding that registrants that are added to a webinar when registering through the zoom link are not showing up in the Webinar in Salesforce. They are showing up in the Webinar on Zoom's actual platform/website but do not in Salesforce. Is this something that can be fixed??


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @bartonmi -- Sorry to say that this is probably more of a Salesforce implementation question.  Salesforce uses the standard Zoom API to grab data -- Zoom probably won't spend much time researching it, and as you can see, there isn't much Salesforce activity here in the Zoom Community -- made up primarily of volunteers.


If you want to give submitting a Support Ticket to Zoom staff a try, here's the link: 


You can help out other Salesforce users out by coming back here and posting anything you do find out from Salesforce.  We can use all the help we can get! 😎

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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