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Reminder Emails


I see this is a common question, but I don't see a solution being posted. HOW do you set up the reminder email option prior to the zoom meeting the day of?


Thank you!



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee





When creating a meeting on the calendar, you can hit more options and should give you different options including notification.

In notification portion, you may select to remind the participant via email or notification only together with selecting the mins, hours, days, weeks before the actual meeting(See screenshots below)





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To  be absolutely clear, the "calendar" above is a third-party calendar. It is a G-Suite (Google) calendar, which is using the Zoom add-in to the third-party application / service.

It might be helpful if Zoom Support actually states that they do not have ANY reminders function for Meetings at all, like they do have for Webinars and that administrators wishing to send reminders for Meetings MUST use a third-party calendaring client.

I realize they may think it looks bad on them, but when providing support to their users, they should be very specific. When they say, "When creating a meeting on the calendar..." the part that is stated, "the calendar" implies some calendar tool possibly located in the Zoom portal or app.

The OP is asking how to ultimately accomplish this task and likely, since this is a Zoom Support page, how to accomplish the task WITHIN Zoom.

And whether or not the OP is asking about a Zoom, Google, Outlook, or Apple Calendar function, Zoom Support demonstrably failed to specifically state where this, "calendar" exists, even though with enough scrutiny and experience, one might discover as I did that the task was only carried  out with the third-party calendar. Not everyone might catch that little detail.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have looked everywhere for this answer.  


Agreed. Huge fail by zoom. Put this in the features


WHAT AN ABSOLUTE FAIL! How is this not a BASIC feature??


We found we can send reminder emails to attendees for meetings created in Zoom using Salepager, a Zoom marketplace app.