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Registration - access denied to a potential registrant for my meeting


I am hosting a meeting which requires registration and one of my potential registrants cannot get to register - the message she gets is as follows:  This meeting is for authorized registrants only. Please register with another email address.


She tried a second and different email and it would not take that either.  I am receiving registrations from other invitees....


Any one else ever met this issue before and if so, were you able to solve it? If so how?  I appreciate your feedback....


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@MaggieFM it sounds like you’ve enabled an authentication profile on your webinar and it’s only allowing specific email domains.


Please click on your webinar and see what you have selected under the “require authentication to join section” for attendees.





You might have enabled authentication for the attendees which might block a few of the domains. You could enable the authentication for any specific domain from the meeting's settings, and the attendees would be able to join the meeting. 


This happens to us all the time while hosting interpretation events for our clients. 


I hope this helps. 

Best regards, 

Shivani, TBH