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Registered people could not join zoom webinar


Hi everyone!


Recently I had a zoom webinar and many registered people could not enter.


I got various "error messages" from different participants.

Some mentioned the host already and another meeting, others they needed a password or a key.


I had disables waiting room and I have checked all outgoing and invitation emails had the SAME zoom link.


One of my participants was early and satrted the meeting 5 minutes early. I hopped on that link, maybe that was wrong? On the other hand, I had others that had no problem joining.


Have you had this before?


What would be the best seetings for me to choose if I want to have as little obstacles as possible for my participants to join?


Thank you kindly

Maurice Jenkens



Hi, did you get a reply on this. I'm concerned this will happen to mine tomorrow as Zoom have lost 30 people from their attendee list compared to my Paypal account. Really terrible.