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Registered Attendees Unable To Join Our Webinars


For two consecutive webinars, we have had reports of Attendees being unable to join our Webinars. They claim they are clicking the links send to them in their emails from Zoom, but are unable to join the Webinar. I have not been able to gather more specific Feedback than this yet but will post as I gather more details. Below is an example of the Calendar invite and Texts we sent out with links to join, the Texts were only sent to Registrants after they'd registered.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @infineo.


From the first image, it looks like this is coming from software other than Zoom, and is sending a link that is not a proper registration link. Further, it looks like there’s a short-code link being used to track the click. Without more details, I can’t say exactly where the issue is … but if you’re not going to use Zoom to send the registration link, you’ll need to do more work on the back end to get the Registrant-specific Join link, for this to work properly. 

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