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Hi Zoom Community!

I recorded an interview and made the error of showing my interview questions on the screen. Is there a way to share the Zoom Video with audiences and remove the main screen (shows the questions) and only show the interviewer's and guest's faces?



In your meeting settings under recordings do you currently have the  (red highlighted text below) under cloud recordings checked? If so you should have a version of the recording that doesnt show your shared screen.  

Cloud recording

Allow hosts to record and save the meeting / webinar in the cloud
Record active speaker with shared screen
Record gallery view with shared screen

Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately

Active speaker
Gallery view
Shared screen
If you did not do that and you're stuck now with the interviewer and interviewee in thumbnail boxes next to the shared screen showing the interview questions you can't edit that out. You could crop the video to only show the two people talking but the video quality will likely degrade as its zoomed in on.  I'd recommend just using the audio recording of the interview.