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Questions About Zoom Webinars Management


Hello Zoom Community,
I am currently using a free trial of Zoom Webinars but I can't manage to figurate the answer to some questions (also checking in Zoom Support and Community).

Here they are:


  1. How do I use variables in automatic emails? i.e. ${userName?html}.
    I see those exist ( but I can't find instruction on how to use those and simply inserting them in the email template does not seem to work.

  2. Is it possible to automatically insert webinar recording in follow-up email?
    We want to send the recording of the webinar with the follow up email related to that specific webinar but we need this to be an automated process.

  3. Is it possible to maintain branding saved in a template?
    I saved a couple of webinar templates but every time I use one I have to set many settings from scratch, included everything related to branding. That is very time consuming.

  4. Can I brand the survey?
    We like and need the Survey feature that allows to ask a feedback immediately after the webinar but I cannot manage to brand it like i.e. the automatic emails.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Is it possible to bulk create webinars importing those from a .csv or similar?


Please let me know about these,
it is very important to come back with answers asap to other stakeholders in this project.

Thanks and have a nice day