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Providing Free Access to Paid Webinars


Hello. I would like to host paid webinars where I am able to provide free access to some people. Ideally, I would just provide those people with a discount code that gives them a free ticket. Is that possible through Zoom? If not, is there another way to provide free access to some (people with a paid membership) and charge others (people who are not members)?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @TCfromQCC 


Webinar attendees, or Meeting Participants, do not need a paid license in Zoom - if that is what you are asking?


Only the Host needs a paid license.


In either Webinar or Meeting, you can require registration so that attendees (Webinar) or participants (Meeting) need to pre-register - and you can approve each registration if you want.


If you want to run an event with actual tickets (free, or paid, for attendance) you can look at OnZoom or Zoom Events.


Hope this helps.





Check out to manage your ticket sales/registrations. You can create a zero dollar ticket option/promotion code/discount. I've been a participant/registrant before with this method for a Zoom Webinar event. I'm not sure if the two integrate or you simply export your registrations from Eventbrite and import into Zoom Webinar to send out the webinar link.