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Present Side By Side Screens


We are trying to present a PowerPoint slide deck AND a live presenter at the same time to our Zoom attendees.  We have searched through the Zoom FAQ's and have not found anything that clearly notes the actions we would have to take to present the slide deck and the presenter on camera side by side.


We assume that this is possible on Zoom given the number of people and businesses that use Zoom.


Does anyone know hoe to set up Zoom to be able to show both a PowerPoint deck and a live presenter side by side?





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

This is possible by using Side-by-side mode for screen sharing 


Keep in mind this is done on the participants' end. If you are using Zoom Webinars, you can specify this view for your attendees - you can find the link in the article linked above.


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You are also able to share your slides as a virtual background and move through them.