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Preloading Questions for a Webinar


is there a tool in zoom or outside of Zoom (will work with Zoom) that can be used and shared to upload questions so the audience can upvote which ones they feel are the best.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Zbq1985,


Zoom Webinar Q&A has a setting to allow up-voting.  However, we do not have a way to -pre-populate the questions to be voted on.


One possible solution (though fairly manual) would be use custom fields on the Registration form to ask for questions.  You could collect these questions from the registration details and put them in a list.  Then at the start of the Webinar copy/paste them one at at into the Q&A window and allow all of your other Attendees to upvote on them during the webinar and then address the most popular further on in your Webinar.


Here is a support article that covers Webinar Q&A.


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