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Pre-recorded Webinar - how best to set this up


I have a Webinar account and need to pre-record an entire Webinar as - with Xmas coming - it's only realistically going to be seen on an On-Demand basis.

The thing is that when I follow the instructions and press 'play' on my recording at the start of the webinar, what emerges is a video with a really tinny sound quality, very unwatchable.


What can I do? There must be a way to pre-load the video into Zoom so I don't need to press play and wait til the end of the recording (which is what I have to do now) as the quality is so bad.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer
  1. pls ensure your account is enabled for HD (or full HD if you have a Business or higher license)
  2. Pls ensure you have HD FOR ATTENDEES and HD FOR SHARE SCREEN enabled
  3. Play out the video using SHARE SCREEN/ADVANCED/VIDEO or using a virtual camera (OBS, etc)
  4. Schedule a webinar with VOD option, play out the video.
  5. Share the VOD link, set the recording SHARE option to require registration if needed.

I am presenting a PRE-RECORDED Zoom webinar. There are no panelists or Q&A. I am the host. I will show only the recording as the entire webinar.

Today I set up a practice webinar to go through the steps to ensure it goes well.  I had three volunteer attendees.

I started the webinar, the recording to the cloud and then the paused video. However, the attendees heard "recording in progress" and saw me in a thumbnail picture.

I did not have the SPOTLIGHT option.  I tried "HIDE PANEL" which only moved my picture to another area. I could not find a way to eliminate my picture from the webinar.

Please advise as to how to present this pre-recorded webinar without the recording in progress announcement and my picture.

Thank you.