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Postpone a webinar without loosing registrants


Hello, i have to cancel my initial webinar next week but would like to inform registrantts that it will be postponed on a further date (cannot see an option to send them an email through the webinar session) . Which is the best practice to do that without loosing so many participants? Should i open the session on next week, inform people that the webinar cannot run at that time and then invite them for another date?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @GKFR,


Thanks for your question! I was aware there was a way to do what you asked, but never had actually tested it before, and this gave me a good opportunity. 


Tap the Edit button for the webinar (this is my Test webinar):


 Change the date, and click the Save button. When you do, you’ll see the following pop up:


Check the Notify if it’s not already checked. Click Yes to continue. 


 An email will be sent to all currently registered. (I customized my email with a banner image from a client.)



I don’t know if there’s a way to customize this message or not – if there is, I couldn’t find it. Hopefully this will work for you!

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