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Post-webinar survey not collecting responses


Not sure if this is something that isn't working, or just isn't a feature of Zoom. We hosted a webinar and had a post-webinar survey (in Zoom, not third-party) and then had the option to have the link sent out after the webinar ended as well. We didn't use the follow-up email feature in Zoom and instead pasted the link to the survey in a separate email we sent out to participants ourselves as follow-up.


I just went in a submitted a survey response myself. When I went to the "Reports" tab and downloaded a survey report, no new responses had been recorded. I believe only the responses that happened the day of the Webinar were recorded. Where did the other ones go? I know at least 1 other one was submitted (my test one) and I'm worried we are missing data from other people that responded.



Having the same issue.