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Post Attendee URL option doesn't work


I would like to use the Post Attendee URL option to redirect people after the webinar to our webpage. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I tried a couple of times to join via browser as well as an application but it looks like the option wasn't applied. I see the standard notification "thanks for joining". Does anyone have the same issue?

Meeting- 100 participants
Webinar- 1000 attendees 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

For a participant to be redirected to the post-attendee URL, they need to join the meeting or webinar by clicking the join link, and leaving the launching page open in their browser. If the participant leaves the launching page open in their browser, it will redirect to the post-attendee URL after 5 minutes.


You may also refer to this article: Post attendee URL 


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