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Polling changes - any fixes out there?


Since Zoom lost their mind and changed everything about the polls, it has been an AWFUL experience for us.  Moving the option to launch polls out of toolbar is annoying as heck, but manageable.  


We still have no idea how to keep our polls separated by topic.  We do multiple different webinars each month for our different clients - we have a separate account for each client - so if I want to launch a webinar on one topic, all polls across all topics come up and it is impossible to pick out the correct polls.


We have tried labeling a few with an abbreviation at the start of the poll name, but it is still sloppy and frustrating.  Has anyone else found a way to make this work?


I did launch a ticket.  I figure a human should reach out to me sometime around 2038. 



Hey Doug, I'm Tina from StreamAlive. We just launched our app in Zoom and you easily run polls, word clouds and many more. You can create polls per topic in what we call a 'run of show' and just run one for each webinar.

Do take a look at our StreamAlive app available in the marketplace:

All the best with your live sessions.