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Over 30 repeats of the same name in attendee report




We had a two-day webinar and noticed that for both days, there were about 20-30 rows of the same name with varying times and sessions. The webinar was 3 hours long, and there are multiple rows with this name that show they were in the meeting, for example, 207, 177, 195, 214, 213 minutes, etc. Do you think this attendee was able to share their specific Zoom link with others, and that explains the 30 repeated names and high session times for each repeated name?


I attached an image of how it looks with the name blocked out, but it is the same name over and over again.


We are trying to get an accurate count of attendees and don't want to miscalculate just because the name is the same. 


Thank you!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



It’s possible that one individual shared their  invitation with a group.


An admin for your account can look at the Dashboard for this Webinar and check the IP addresses. If they are all different addresses that would be pretty strong evidence that the invitation was shared. 

 I suggest you submit a ticket with Zoom support (  



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