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On Demand Webinar - Follow Up Email


I have not used the On Demand webinar feature and am looking to turn it on for some webinars I have coming up in a couple weeks.  I searched and can't find an answer to this question: if you have the "follow up email to attendees" turned on, will that only be sent to attendees of the webinar or will it also be sent to those that register for the On Demand?  Also, is there any way to set the registration settings for the On Demand before the recording is done or do you just have to scramble and jump back on to adjust settings once the recording is available?  Thanks!



Hi there, @KLmobar, that's exactly my question as well. Related to that, does the follow-up thank you wait a day before going out? Why? If the recording is available. 


Can anyone from @Anonymous help us with an answer to that simple question?