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Non-registered Users Able to Join Webinar


We host a webinar that requires users to register with their email address.  We do not require authentication because there are some attendees who do not have Zoom accounts.  Twice in the past week we have had someone who was not registered on the webinar and place Spam into our chat and then immediately drop.  The email address of the user on the attendance report was not an email that was registered for the webinar, so they did not get a webinar link sent to that email address.  We are trying to figure out how they are getting in?  I've read if someone is forwarded a link by someone who had registered, when they logged in it would show the original registered email in the list of participants.  That is not happening.  A brand new email, one that is not on our registration list, is showing up as a participant.  Would love to figure out how this is happening.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

i would report this to ZOOM with the meeting ID and the suspected mails.