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No 'Manage' button available on Zoom Events




I have purchased a Zoom Events license for up to 500 attendees, I also have the Zoom Meeting Pro license, I have linked the Zoom Events license to myself and when I go to the website, I don't see a 'Manage' button in the menu bar, only 'Favorites', 'Tickets' and 'Contact Sales' button.


When I login to Zoom Events, a pop-up window shows up that says "To create and manage events, please enter your billing address." and when I click "Go To Billing", it takes me to the Billing Information on my account, which is already filled out from before.


I have created a recurring Zoom Meeting with registration, hoping that it will pop up in the Zoom Events page, but there are no Events listed. Every Zoom article that I've read says that I need to go to 'Manage' if I want to start an event, but there is no Manage button, so I have no idea how to start an event.


Hope somebody can help me out.


Best regards,



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Firstly have you assigned the license to your user under "user management". If you have but still do not see MANAGE then zoom have not properly enabled your account yet.  write to Zoom support using the blue chat bubble on the bottom right.


I run a FB group for Zoom Events.

Every Tuesday at 13:00 est we run a Zoom Events Conference for asking questions and testing out new features.  You are welcome to join.


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