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Name and time watched for on demand webinars?


We host regular webinars. Some folks are able to watch them live, and once the webinar is over we can pull reports that show who watched and for how long. This is important when awarding education certificates for nurses. If a registrant watches the recording later, however, I can't pull the same information. I'll get "Sally Jones" registered for the on demand webinar and that "guest" watched the webinar for 58 minutes, but I can't connect "Sally Jones" to "58 minutes watched." Anyone have a workaround?





If a Zoom user is signed in to their account on the web and views or downloads the recording, this column displays their profile name and associated email address. Otherwise, their name displays as Guest and no email address is provided.


But if they don't have a zoom account, it won't show up the way I need it to?  I can't believe that more people don't need this information, since zoom is being used in so many educational settings.


@KathleenG , As per the current design, It will not show in the Zoom portal. 


Well that's too bad as it may result in us having to find another platform. People have to register to view the webinar on demand, so I don't understand why the reporting that I need isn't available. All the information is there, it just needs to be connected. 


We've run into the same issue. Add to that the fact that if you want to charge for accessing that on-demand viewing of the recording, that's not supported.  Ugh.