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Moving from Goto Webinar to Zoom Webinar




I have been running a recurring webinar on Goto Webinar for many years.  I am thinking of moving over to zoom webinars.  I have a few special cases that I need to understand before the move.  


a) Goto allows me to continue to add sessions to an existing recurring webinar.  It seems to not have a limit to how many adds I can do.  Does Zoom webinar restrict how many recurring sessions you can have under one item?  Can I continue to add more sessions as future dates are added? 


b) I have an extensive list of people who have signed up and I can export that.  Can I import that list to the zoom webinar? Or, do people need to re-register for the event? 


c) I am using a one-time sign-up for the webinar series; does Zoom allow for this? 


Thank you in advance. 




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @elmoray.

It might be helpful to you to read the Zoom Support article on Scheduling Recurring Webinars:

See the included references to with and without registration.


Truly recurring Webinars have a 50-occurrence limit, but you can also set a webinar as recurring with “No fixed time” as the recurrence, with no restrictions to the number of times it can be started. Note there are some limitations on registration setup with the No Fixed Time setting.


There are also a variety of circumstances where you can upload registrants via CSV file, but also some restrictions.


I recommend to my clients that they make separate Webinars, even for multiple Webinars in the same topic. This avoids a lot of the restrictions, but does also have pros and cons. 

I think the answer to your Question C is “yes”, but hopefully doing some additional research in the Zoom Support articles will help you get an answer to your specific circumstances. 

Let me know if you need more info. 

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