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Missing Webinar Registration Data


Here's a really annoying problem.  If you have a Zoom Webinar with registration enabled, and you REQUIRE a first name and last name during registration, if the registrant decides to join the webinar by entering the webinar ID via the client or app, instead of clicking their unique join link they receive after registering, then their last name can disappear from the final registration report. This is because when you join manually with the Webinar ID, it only asks for "Name" when connecting to the webinar.  If someone puts in a one-word name, it uses that as the "First" name on the registration report and makes the "Last" name blank, even if they originally entered a first name and a last name during registration.  If a last name is REQUIRED during registration, this should NOT be overidden in the registration report because of a technicality.  Zoom, please fix this!  Hosts need to see first AND last names on their registration reports if both of those fields are REQUIRED during registration!