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Mic and camera blocked in webinar and can't access webinar from desktop app


I have been using Zoom in my Chrome browser for 4 years and have never had access to my mic and camera blocked (see attached-get the same message when I click on video) in a webinar.  

* My Chrome settings allow camera and mic access without asking, as do my settings for Zoom. 

* Ad blockers are disabled for Zoom and for the webinar host site.

* Cookies are enabled for everything.  

* Using Windows 10

Also, the webinar would not let me access it from my desktop app, only from my browser, which I thought was weird.

Is there something I need to change in my settings or is it something that the webinar organizers need to fix in their set up since other people in the webinar had the same problem. 

We have more webinars from the same provider tomorrow and I'd like to be able to fully participate!

I appreciate your help.