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Lost webinar recording


I recently hosted a webinar and recorded it. It was set to save locally but now I can't find it anywhere. I know for sure it processed and I set it to download but the file is missing from my computer. Any ideas on how to recover it via zoom or perhaps some ideas on what the file name would have been so I can find it?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

If you look in your Documents>Zoom folder (or wherever you've chosen to store Zoom recordings), do you have files that say something like "double-click-to-convert"?  If so, try double-clicking on the first one of these (normally there are two).  That should get it to start converting.


If you can't still find it, I would suggest that you log a problem with Zoom Support at


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I had exactly the same issue happen to me today ... I followed the advice listed previously and looked at the app. The file location where it said it saved - didn't.

How can I recover it ?