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Login problem with zoom events by invitation only


Dear all,


We have a major event coming soon, and participants are facing a problem that I cannot resolve easily. Their institutions have an institutional account with zoom. Inside that account, zoom uses some more "private" email addresses of the institutions as the key email of the account. E.g. John Smith can login with john.smith at example dot com on zoom (and also zoom events), but the actual email associate to that account within zoom is j.s.1234 at example dot com (because for example j.s.1234 is the internal login data of John Smith in their institution). The issue: John Smith has been invited to join the zoom event using john.smith at example dot com because that is their "public" email address. When John Smith tries to enter the event, they get denied because zoom event platform checks against the internal "true" email of the zoom account (which is unfortunately j.s.1234 at example dot com).


I think this is a "bug", since zoom should check against all emails associated to a zoom account, and not only the "internal" one.  Has anybody faced a similar issue? Can anybody help with a solution that is better than me having to deal with all these hundreds of cases one by one?


It would be natural to me that all emails and email aliases associated to a zoom account would be checked against the zoom event ticket to see if the invitation is valid.


Thank you in advance, hoping for a very quickly reply because the event starts very soon!