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Livestream in-person conference


We are hosting an in-person conference with five concurrent sessions over 4 days. We are planning on livestreaming and recording these sessions via Zoom, and expect to have no more than 50 people logging on to the livestreamed sessions at any one time. What is the most seamless way to do this with one Zoom account? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @jennifersmt.  Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier!


I have good news and bad news!


First the good news: This is actually easily doable with Zoom new Zoom Events product.


The bad news: Zoom Events setup isn’t as simple as just setting up a single set of recurring webinars. And depending on the number of attendees, can be pricey (but doesn’t have to be).


I’ve got experience with Zoom Events. I’ll reach out to you via PM with my contact info, and we can discuss pros and cons offline. 

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