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Launch Zoom Button not working for Zoom Event


When speakers or attendees try to launch the in progress zoom event, the blue "Launch Zoom" button is not working. When the  "Launch Zoom" button is clicked, a blank white screen pops up. The only way to join the event is by clicking "Skip and Join In-Progress Session" in small letters under the button.  Is this a fault in one of our settings? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Not sure I understand.  The lobby does not open?  How are they joining?  PC?  are they updated to the latest version?  Pls send a screenshot.


No the lobby does not open.. it tries to but just shows a blank white screen. 

Joining via PC and updated to latest version. 

Also, when trying to join as an attendee, although I am signed in on the internet, when I click launch zoom meetings, it  asks me to login again. If I close that pop-up to login and click "Skip and Join In-Progress Session" it allows me to go to the event and join. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

can you send me a link to the event?  ***********

also feel free to join my FB group for learning the platform and testing out new features