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WEBINARS/SUMMITS - As a PRO subscriber, I see the profile page that I assume attendees (with video) see when they connect to my waiting room before a meeting. I am wondering if there is a "per event" dashboard or landing page with the ability to have specific information and integration (e.g., links for contact info - specifically for more than one speaker/presenter; uploads for agendas/schedules, homework pages, bonus material, etc.; and/or review/feedback forms/videos) to help streamline information attendees might need to actively/appropriately participate. If not (yet), is that something ZOOM is adding in the near future? (Thank you in advance for your help/advice.)


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @iHeartSoles it's been some time since you've posted this discussion! Apologies for not getting a reply sooner! Are you referring to meetings or webinars? As I believe you're using the customizable waiting room features for waiting rooms before your meeting? For example: 




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