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Keeping the Identity of Webinar Participants Anonymous but Restricting Access only to Invited


I have a question regarding how to ensure the Host of the webinar is not able to link the identity of attendees, but at the same time restrict access to the webinar only to people who have previously signed up for the webinar (through a separate non-Zoom survey). 


In principle, I can send a webinar link  to those who have signed up without the requirement to register or authenticate, in which case they click on the link, enter the webinar and their identity is kept anonymous throughout. However, those who have been provided with the link can share it with other external people who did not sign up initially and I want to prevent this from happening.  I know that if I do require registration, individuals receive unique links that can be used once only that they cannot distribute, but in case of registration, their identity then gets revealed....


Any suggestions? Basically, on how participants can generate one-time passwords without the need to register. Thanks!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @al201091 suggest scheduling a webinar with registration as you can customize webinar registration for keeping it for a set of registrants only which you can approve and deny, however, this requires you to enter an email or some more specific information* -- which is only reported to the host of the webinar. If you're concerned about the identity you can disable Chat and Q&A. As display names are exposed.


* Once you've scheduled a webinar with registration, you can:


Scheduling a webinar without registration will allow attendees to join without needing to register or create a Zoom account in advance, although attendees are still required to enter their name and email address upon joining. This information will be available in reporting. 


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