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Interpreter access during Webinar practice session


It seems that on certain Webinar practice sessions, interpreters (although added to the Interpretation option in the settings) are not allowed to enter unless they have a unique invite.

The link the Zoom system sends them when they are added to the interpretation setting seems to provide "Attendee" access only, instead of Panelist-like access, which they need to enter a Webinar practice session.  Since interpreters would normally be sound-checked during a practice session, it doesn't make sense to have to be forced to start a Webinar to allow them to enter.

It didn't use to be this way, but for the past month or so, this limitation has been more noticeable.  Interpreters should technically have Panelist access, not Attendee access.



I'm having the same issue.  Interpreters should be able to join a practice session just the same as other panelists. There are a lot of logistical issues to work through before inviting attendees into your webinar.

I've tried adding the interpreters as panelists but the attached image shows that while I am able resend or copy invites for regular panelist, I  CANNOT for panelists who are interpreters.

Zoom can you help??