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If I set up a meeting then want it to be a webinar - will the link change?


My organisation has set up a panel discussion in meeting and we have 50 people registered. To give the hosts less to worry about, I am considering changing it to a webinar. If I change the meeting to a webinar with the 'add on' will the join link etc change?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



When converting from meeting to webinar, the meeting/webinar ID will remain the same, but the registration link will change slightly. Conveniently, the old registration link will automatically redirect users to the new registration page to avoid any confusion by those who may open the first registration page. Those who have already registered can still join with the same link as before, and meeting settings and registrants will also be transferred to the webinar. 


My advice is to test it in advance to make sure that it works they way you desire.




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