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I need some advice because I am going to have webinar in Jan


Hi, I'm Porlyne and I am the newbie here.

I am going to have the webinar in Jan, 2022

and I decided to buy the Pro+ Zoom webinar Package.


I didn't clear so much about the package detail.

In the package they have: 

1. Webinar Registeration page?

2. Social Media Marketing? << this is soooo hard to clear, I don't understand.
3. Email notification when:

  • registered
  • notification before webinar 

4. livestream to social media platform

5. our webinar promotion 


because I am not native English, I need to make sure what we need to ready after I have zoom webinar ^v^

(I come from Thailand)





I'm not sure if Social Media Marketing is available for pro users...

Live streaming to any social media platform is again for basic users too....

For the email notification, you might have to use some system to notify the participants...

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi Porlyne!

You got on Zoom just in time to take advantage of their new Zoom Learning Center! They have training for how to host and manage your webinars, and they make it very easy and straightforward (I wish I had this when I started 2 years ago 😋!) 

Take a look here:


And side bar: Zoom + Eventbrite + Facebook = Social Media marketing success!!!

Good luck with your January event - let us know how it went!


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Anissa • Zoomologist • @anissat