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I can not turn on my camera in a webinar as an atendee


I am attending a webinar and all other participants are able to see each other but I don´t have the option of turning on my camera. I already uninstalled Zoom and installed it again but the problem continues.


I attach a picture to show how I can not select the option I want.


Thank you!





Hi there.


I cannot view the image for some reason but you might try checking the BIOS on your PC if you are not seeing your onboard camera displayed. Most laptops (if that is what you are using) have a camera setting in their BIOS that needs to be turned on for a camera to be seen when logged in.


Thank you for your reply, but the I have a Mac book pro, and the camera works fine in other meetings with zoom. This is happening just with webinars as an atendee.


If it is a webinar, and not a meeting, I don't think attendees can turn their cameras on, unless specifically invited to by a host or co-host?  Sorry if that's not the question!



If you are an attendee in a webinar, you are not able to turn on your cam or mic, unless you are promoted to panelist.
The webinar feature is similar to a congres with a stage & audience. (panelist are on stage, attendee looking to stage in room/hall)
The meeting feature is similar to a roundtable meeting where everybody can discuss.