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How to start more than 13 simultaneous sessions with zoom events?


I have purchased a 500-person license for zoom events and am trying to set up 24 meetings and one webiner at the summit. There are 15 sessions held at the same time. How many sessions does the license support at the same time? Can each session be started by the main speaker with a free license?

I read an article written by David Ball of Product Marketing Specialist on his blog.
Multi-day and multi-track support: Spread your event over five days and support up to 13 concurrent sessions

I don't really understand the meaning of multi-track. What does the track manage?
I can register more than 13 sessions in the hub, but what happens when I actually start?
Is it possible to start 15 simultaneous sessions with 13 main speakers ( 13 free license) and the other 2 main speakers( 2 paid license)?

What upgrade plans do you have to start more than 13 concurrent sessions?

Robin Bunevich wrote in his blog:
Interested in getting early access to Conference on Zoom Events? Contact your Zoom sales rep to learn about how you can host your next multi-day or multi-track event. We’re offering Conference to customers who purchase Zoom Event Services along with their Zoom Events license. Our Event Services team will help you pull off your next big event with ease. To learn more, contact your sales rep, or request a demo

I tried to call the sales rep in Japan many times to ask for a license, but the sales rep does not connect at all. I've been calling for over 8 hours. 

I'm trying to contact the technical center in Japan with the ID and code that signed up for zoom events, but I'm respond that you can't connect to the technical person in charge.

It's very troubled. Help me.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Yusuke, just to clarify you can have up to 13 sessions going on at once that'll need to be individually hosted. The Hosts can choose from 3 different event types: EventSummit, or Conference and you will need to ensure you meet the prerequisites to create and host. 


Here you can look into these KBs on Zoom Events 👉


Hope this helps! 

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Hi! So just to clarify this info, can I run an example by you? So 13 sessions can be hosted all at the same time. However each session (a meeting) has to be Started/Hosted by a different host. So for example, a Primary Speaker can sign on to the Zoom Events Lobby, and find their session. They can click Start and then host their session. However (unless they have a really short session) they must check that they have a licensed account, so that their session can be longer than 40 mins, etc. Is this right?


And these licensed users don't have to be associated with the primary organizational account hosting the Zoom Event itself, do they? Just licensed.


Hi @Yusuke @lilyh 


How did you get on with the above? Did you manage to find a solution to the multiple-session problem?


I need to run up to 10 parallel sessions for an upcoming conference on zoom meeting.


I am currently trying to determine if it would be possible for me to schedule these myself and assign alternate hosts to each session. Would all of these sessions be able to run concurrently as long as they are started by an alternate host?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I know this thread is very old, but ran across it while doing some other research.  I hope you found the answers to your respective questions, but let me toss in some info here in case other people find this post while searching for answers.


Specifically to @lilyh's question about invited speakers potentially being limited to a 40-minute session if they are not on a Licensed account.  No... the duration of the session is controlled by the Zoom Events license, and when you schedule a Meeting or Webinar, whoever hosts it -- regardless of their own license type -- they can run the meeting for the entire duration (and technically, even longer if needed).


This explains a little about why Zoom Events licenses are now a bit more expensive than when originally rolled out.  The Zoom Events license essentially grants all speakers and Alt Hosts the ability to run a session for as long as needed.


Now to the question I think both @lilyh and @HannahC asked... in different ways.  We like to use the term concurrent -- when two or more session occur at the same time, either exactly starting and finishing together, or some form of overlap.  The latest info I have says that 13 concurrent sessions can be hosted simultaneously in a Zoom Event.  Look at your schedule of planned events along a timeline, and if you have 13 sessions running, you should not place to have another session start, until at least one session closes, so that the maximum at one time is 13 or less.  You can have as many sessions total as you need... but only 13 running concurrently (at the same time).


The question from @Yusuke on the term "multi-track", means that you can have a Zoom Event with (as an example) 20 different sessions, and some of the sessions are of interest to all of your attendees, and others are split between two different interests.  You could create 3 different ticket types:

  • One ticket for the common sessions and the sessions for Topic A.
  • One ticket for the common sessions and the sessions for Topic B.
  • One ticket that includes access to all or any combination of sessions, including the common sessions, Topic A, and Topic B.

This is similar to many in-person conferences, where your ticket gets you access to only certain sessions of the conference.


I hope this helps!

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