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How to signal to a panellist they have run out of time


Both in Zoom Meetings and in Zoom Webinars is there any way for the host to display a nonverbal icon on the screen of a panellist who is talking either to inform them that their alloted speaking time has passed?


Of course ideally it would be a recognisable symbol like a 🔔 (bell) or a 🕛 (clock) but if that's not possible it could just be one of the standard Zoom nonverbal symbols that participants can use (we can tell with the panellists / participants that when a specific symbol appears on their screen that's what it means).


I realise we could warn them via a private chat message but they may be more likely to notice an icon appearing on their screen than be actively monitoring chat whilst they talk.


The goal of this would be to remind someone that they should stop talking without actually cutting them off or talking over them.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @fred22 


Does this have to be a private signal sent only to the speaker?


In similar situations there can often be a single countdown timer visible to everyone. It can get restarted for each speaker. Everyone seeing the timer keeps everyone accountable, and people watching can see everyone is getting the allotted time. (if this is a governance requirement) 


Not a built-in feature of Zoom, so it does take some work.


I can arrange a demo if you like. But I also understand it may not be what you are looking for.



Hi @Rupert - Thanks for the suggestion. An interesting idea, whilst a private signal would be my first preference, this is something we could certainly consider if a private signal isn't possible. Provided it could be readied very quickly (our event is on 4 November) and isn't prohibitively expensive (I work for a not-for-profit in Belgium) please do propose a time for a demo in the coming days.