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How do I set up and invite prospects to a prerecorded zoom "fireside chat"?


I would like to invite about a hundred prospects to a zoom a month from now. We will pre-record the presentation and the attendees will not be able to see the other attendees. Can anybody provide advice on how to do this? I have never done this before.

Thanks, DD


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @doubleD77.


There are several ways to accomplish this.  My choice would be a Webinar, which offers the most in terms of security since the attendees are not permitted to speak or show video.  For a Webinar 500 license that you're only planning to use one time, you can acquire a 1-month non-recurring license for $79US.  If your material is pre-recorded, you can Share Screen and go to the Advanced tab, then choose Video, and selected the MP4 file, which will then be played to the attendees in full-screen mode.


It can also be done with a Meeting, but you'd have to make several security settings to ensure that attendees can't speak or show video.  Note that they would still be able to see the names of the other attendees in the Panelist view, which they would not be able to in a Webinar.  If you are on a Pro account, your Zoom license has a 100-attendee limit, but you can expand that with the Large Meeting 500 add-on for $50US for a 1-month non-recurring license.  Personally, I'd spring for the Webinar license, if there's any chance you would have over 100 attendees.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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