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How can I see Zoom participants when hosting a meeting and sharing screen on my ipad?


I am a teacher using an iPad Pro (11 inch, 2nd generation), which for the most part works well when I am hosting a Zoom meeting as I can see all the students in gallery view. However, when I share my screen (for example, to show a Power Point presentation or video), I lose the gallery/active speaker view and can no longer see the participants - I can only see the power point presentation that I am sharing on my screen - which makes class discussion with all the students very hard.  Is there a way to maintain a gallery view of Zoom participants on my iPad so that I can still see the students while also being able to see the Power Point presentation that I am sharing with participants, or do I need to use a computer instead of an iPad for this? I have tried to use ‘split screen’ and ‘slide over’ on the iPad so that I can see participants and the power point presentation at the same time, but that doesn’t work either.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Aboright,


When testing from my iPad Pro (12.9", 3rd generation), I am able to see a gallery view at the bottom of the screen; however, it will not show the full gallery view. It is a ribbon/filmstrip view where I can see some webcams. 


In the lower right of the screen, touch the blue camera icon. This should bring up the speaker view. Then from that view, you can touch the + button to show that ribbon/filmstrip view.


Hope this helps!

that works when sharing screen and in the zoom app but as soon as you go off the zoom app to share your screen all camera views disappear??