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How To Add A Meeting One Wants To Attend To On One's Zoom Icon Pannel Appearing On One's PC Tray?



I have a Zoom icon on my laptop's tray bar, and for participating in a meeting, all I have to do is tap on the icon, a panel appears, and the names of two meetings I regularly join appear. I tap on the one I want to join, next fill in the access code number, and I'm in.


A dear friend told me how to set that up already quite some time ago, but she passed on, and I don't remember how I set it up and added meetings to it. Now I would like to add a third one to it. It has the same access code number, but it's on a different day. So I could call it for example "Joe's Wednesday Meeting" to distinguish it from "Joe's Saturday Meeting."


Does anyone here know how to do that?