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Hosting a pre-recorded webinar




I have set up an event for a webinar across 2 days. I had planned to deliver this webinar live, but due to scheduling conflicts, i am going to pre-record the webinar and share it with attendees.


I have set up a registration page and reminder emails for this, but how do I change the settings so that people will be watching a pre-recorded webinar at the time of the webinar?


Also, how do i go about recording this webinar? Would it be a case of starting a practice session and recording it?


Any help or support would be much appreciated.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @seankelly apologies for not getting to this sooner! However, if you're sharing a pre-recorded session, you can just share screen and sound. More info here on Screen Sharing Features


Or, you also can share your Recordings


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