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Host couldn't share own screen


A weird thing happened in a practice webinar yesterday.  I was taking a newbie presenter through the usual steps and I couldn't share my own screen in the practice room. The green button was there, I am the account holder and host, but when trying to share, a message popped up saying that I was restricted from sharing my screen. After a check in the settings, everything was fine - screen sharing was enabled etc. Then, I did a quick test webinar with someone else and it worked fine as usual. This has never happened before and has unnerved me somewhat. Anyone else had this problem? 



Hi @Coach 


I would suggest first making sure that your Zoom client is fully up to date. Then also make sure anyone else joining the same meeting is up to date also, on the same version.




Thanks Rupert, the client was updated and the zoom "practice" webinar panelist just joined via the link so it shouldn't be a problem. A test immediately afterwards with someone else also worked fine - odd. Thanks for the suggestions though! John