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Help! I can't schedule a webinar!


So I already pay for zoom one and have a license to have up to 500+ attendees. However, when I go to user management to edit user to add webinars I am unable to select the option. Please help the bot chat is unhelpful 😞


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @CosmicPathLove.


The Webinar License has to be added to a user.  Has this been added to you?  Look at the Web Portal Profile page at (scroll down to the grey Account line)


Do you see this?  (Yours would likely read 500 attendees.) 


If not, go to this Zoom Support article and follow the steps in Assigning a single license.


If you do see this entry, then to schedule a webinar, you click Webinar in the menu on the left:



If you're still having trouble, try to provide a screen shot (without revealing any personal account info).


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