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Event/Webinar and Calendar Management plugin WP that works with Zoom



we are selling live webinars (fixed dates) and coaching (individual dates). We need a WP plugin that works at best completely automated with Zoom. That means,

- we sell the webinar through our website or (for coaching) the customer chose a date and time

- payment

- after payment, customer gets the zoom link for the webinar or a zoom link is automatically created for the coaching time

- incl. calender entry


I know that works half way with The Events Calendar (with WooCommerce) and Simply Schedule for the coaching (without WooCommerce) . However, we want just ONE  application for both services we offer - that works just fine with ZOOM.


I would appreciate it if you have a recommendation!


thank you.  



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Followcomedi,


If you were my client, I’d recommend two tools, if I understand your workflow correctly. 

I would definitely use Eventbrite for Webinar registration. It feeds Registration data over to Zoom, and has a robust payment and ticketing system.


I think your use of meetings is for more one-on one consultation as opposed to larger groups. I use Calendly for scheduling one on (or one to a few) Zoom meetings, and I think this would work well for your Meetings. Calendly can handle payment, creating the Zoom meeting, sending the info to the client, and reminders.


I know Calendly has a WP plug-in (see the schedule a consult link on my website here),  I’ve seen Eventbrite plug-ins for WP, but never used them – instead, I use a Call To Action button that goes straight to the registration page on Eventbrite. 

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