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Duplicating Zoom Recordings



Is it possible to duplicate a recording hosted on zoom?  I'd like to slightly edit/trim the 8.5 hour event I just hosted and share the new version using a different link.  And, keep the old link I've already distributed active.  Could someone tell me whether this is possible?  And, if so, how to do it? I'd be so grateful!


Many thanks!



Note Taker

Hi Rachelle17,


There is no way to duplicate recordings in Zoom's Cloud recording storage. You could download the video, do your editing, and upload it to another cloud-based system like Google drive or youtube to share using a different link.


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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The Zoom Share Link will remain the same whether you use Zoom to trim the recording, or not. So, if you want the original recording, like Chris mentioned you'll need to download it first, then you can use Zoom to trim the recording in the Zoom Cloud, and as soon at it applies the trimmed results, those with the link (even if distributed prior to trimming) will be able to view the recording again.


Also, confirming that there is NOT a way in the Zoom Cloud to duplicate a recording.


Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen