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Do I Need to Change My Pro Account in Purchasing Webinar 500


I purchased a Webinar 500 and would like to know if I must upgrade my Zoom One-Pro account.  Does the Webinar 500 work independently of the Pro? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello Denise. The Webinar (and other Add-ons) Licenses are independent from the ZoomOne License, but if last time I checked, you need a Licensed Account to be able to purchase Add-ons.

So after purchasing your Webinar 500, if not done already,  now you need to go to your portal and allocate that license to your user and you should be good to go: Now in your profile's licenses you will se you have both licenses assigned to you:

ZoomOne Pro

  - Webinar 500

As  (if) you acquire more Add-ons, you will need to follow the same process and those licenses will start showing under your user's profile.